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General Contact Information

 Phone:  (705) 325-3611

Toll-free:   1-866-854-2121

Fax:  (705) 325-0879


Dan Shilling, Chief Administative Officer (CAO)

Evelyn Ball, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Location:  5884 Rama Rd., Suite 200 Rama, ON  L3V 6H6

Government Offices operate from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  unless otherwise posted.

Government Offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Statutory holidays,

including National Aboriginal Day or First Nations Day celebrated on June 21st each year.


The Chippewas of Rama First Nation is willing to engage in consultations, expects to be consulted, and if appropriate, to be accommodated with respect to decisions, conduct and activities that have the potential to have an adverse effect on Aboriginal  and Treaty rights respecting lands and resources within the Chippewas of Rama First Nation Territory.  Please review our Consultation Protocol for details.

Consultation and Accomodation Protocol.pdf

​Inquiries and notices may be directed to Sharday James, Community Consultation Worker, at (705) 325-3611 ext. 1633 or  consultation@ramafirstnation.ca

Contact Information by department 


5884 Rama Rd.  #200 Rama, ON L3V 6H6

Phone:  (705) 325-3611
Toll-free:   1-866-854-2121
Fax:  (705) 325-0879



Cathy Edney​, Communications Manager

Suite 200, 5884 Rama Road,

Rama, ON  L0T 1K0

​(705) 325-3611 ext. 1416

or cathye@ramafirstnation.ca

For Ojibway Times, please contact Brenda Ingersoll, Communications Coordinator at

(705) 325-3611 ext. 1634

or brendai@ramafirstnation.ca



Social Services Manager

6147 Rama Road, Rama,  L3V 6H6

Tel: (705) 325-3611
Fax : (705) 329-3067



​6145 Rama Road, Rama ON,

(Located in front of the MASK)

Phone: (705) 325-3611 ext. 1288



Shannon Snache, Early Childhood Education Manager

5060 Grandmother Road

Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1102



Rob Furlonger, Economic Development Officer  
Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1562



Director of Facilities and Operations

5690 Willison Road, Rama L3V 6H6 

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1540



Rick Morano, Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1543

Lori St. Germaine, Finance Manager

Phone (705) 325-3611, ext. 1235 

Anna Fabiano, Community Financial Administrator

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1236 


Rama Health Centre
4142 Yellowhead Trail, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m.

Leanne McRae-Douglas, Director, Health and Social Services

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1608



Sandra Campbell, Housing Officer

5690 Willison Road, Rama L3V 6H6 

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1625



Charlene Benson, Human Resources Manager

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1204

Fax: (705) 325-4718



Barbara Simcoe, Lands Manager                                                             

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1518 

Fax:  (705) 325-9664                                                     



Angela Johnston​, Principal

Mnjikaning Kendaaswin Elementary School

6147 Rama Road, Rama L3V 6H6 

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1411



Kathleen Fleming, Recreation Coordinator

MASK, 6147 Rama Road, Rama L3V 6H6 

705-325-3611 ext. 1418



Leanne McRae-Douglas,

Director, Health and Social Services

Seniors Complex, 4150 York Place, Rama, L3V 6H6

Phone: (705) 325-3611, ext. 1608